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Mexican Drug Lord Guzman- President Obama

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If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. What is the difference between Mexican drug lord Guzman and US President Obama?

Not much except that the Mexican drug lord might be more honorable than Obama or Mexico’s own Presidente!

How  do we know that the US government didn’t help spring Guzman from the  Mexican prison in light of the past agreements to do business with the  Sinaloa drug cartel?  The US government is known for saying one thing and doing another while using domestic propaganda to brainwash its own citizens!

Us govt. deal with Sinaloa cartel allowed the cartel to deal drugs without interference as long as they provided information on rival drug cartels!   This obviously benefitted both the US government and the Sinaloa drug  cartel!  The Sinaloa drug cartel probably benefitted more as they were  allowed to transact business unimpeded by the US government while the  competitors of the Sinaloa cartel were pursued by the US government!  US court documents deals with Mexican drug cartel!

Meanwhile, the US government allowed major banks to launder billions and billions of dollars in drug money for the cartels and eventually slapped the wrist of the banks to make the public that the US government was ‘tough’ on drugs!  What a crock!

Both the Sinaloa drug cartel and the US government are involved in illegal drug businessAmerica is deeply involved in the Afghan drug tradeThe CIA manages the drug tradeCIA plane caught carrying 35 kilos of heroinUS Air Force floods Miami with cocaine.  See Iran Contra affairCIA pilot tells of running drugs for governmentBanks launder money for terrorist groups!

So  we see that there are significant similarities between the Sinaloa drug  cartel leader Guzman and US President Obama with the biggest difference  being that Obama has never spent time in jail for his oversight of the  US government drug dealings nor have any past US presidents for the same  crimes!  El Chapo escapes from prison again!

Both  Guzman and Obama oversee large scale illegal drug operations.  Guzman  has evidently worked with Obama indirectly.   Large banks such as HSBC,  JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi, etc. can pay a fine and not go to jail.   Both Guzman and Obama condone the drug business and profit from it.   Both Guzman and Obama condone drug business to the detriment of their  own people.  Both are ruthless and operate outside the rule of law.   Both Guzman and Obama have more power than the current Mexican  President. July 13, 2015 

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