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A New State?

At least 10 Northeast Colorado counties want to form a new State!  Some counties in Nebraska and Kansas  also have shown interest in joining the potential new state.  The  northeast corner of Elbert County adjoins the 10 counties considering forming a new state.

 I think the 'news' reporter in this video is incorrect.  I don't think succession is necessary nor intended by those counties. 


Sign The Petition!

There are two web sites that are currently active in updating and disseminating information about the 51st State effort!  The 51st State Initiative and 51st State facebook.  They provide status and comments on the effort.  I encourage you to visit those for updates!

Join In?

Why  should the people of Elbert County want to join in with this  separation?  Primarily, the large liberal urban areas like Denver and  Boulder are going to Hell in  a hand basket and they want to take us  down with them!  If you consider at least 10 counties from Colorado  along with adjoining ones in other states are  exploring this idea, the  new state could cover a wide geographic area and wield large resources  including the water rights which go with the land.  When you consider  the vast changes that liberals are forcing on the rest of us, the idea  should be considered.


Renewable Energy Is A Sham!

According to IREA, electric bills will rise initially due to the enactment of SB-252  Renewable Energy Act.  This is one good reason to favor a new state!   The electric rates will only rise as further requirements of this bill  require escalating the percentage of energy produced by 'affordable'  renewable energy sources!   The latest edition of Watts & Volts says  "the expenses involved will be enormous."  Curiously, the bills three co-sponsors districts aren't impacted by the new law!

Americans For Prosperity of Colorado  opposed this legislation as the bill only affects rural areas and is  agenda driven!  I say let Denver and Boulder put up wind mills and solar  panels all over the city and leave the rest of us alone!  IREA opposed  this and they are already 10% green!

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