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Media Cover Up of Murder Suspects Illegal Alien Status & Race!

March 27, 2017

An illegal alien  is being held without bail for the murder of two teens near Fountain,  Colorado along with four others suspected of involvement in the  murders.   The teen victim's bodies were callously dumped on a remote  road earlier this month.  There are also 4 other Hispainics being held  related to the same murders. There has been a crime wave of vandalism  this year in the same area. Maybe the same group?   They have been  referred to as the ‘Gang of Five’ by Breitbart.

What  is very interesting about this is that they are all listed as their  race being either white or black by the Sheriff's office!  They are  clearly all Hispainic!  All the local TV news outlets do not mention  that at least one of them, the prime suspect in the murders is an  illegal alien!  They don’t want us to know!  Also, why is the sheriff  referring to them as either white or black for race in the public  bookings?  Very interesting.

Sheriff's bookings on suspects:
GUSTAVO ANTONIO MARQUEZ  (prime suspect in murders) Sheriff lists 'Holds' code as ‘Administrative’ indicating ICE wants him!


El Paso County Sheriff

Denver CBS Local News report on murders.

Sheriff books additional suspects in murders.

Update March 29, 2017

After  speaking with Public Informations Officer for the El Paso County  Sheriff's Office today, some corrections and clarification must be  added.  Jacqueline Kirby, Media Relations Manager/PIO,El Paso County  Sheriff's Office said that the suspect Marquez now claims he is a US  citizen though he claimed to be born in Mexico on his Facebook page!   According to Kirby, ICE was interested in Marquez due to his Facebook  claim of being born in Mexico.  Marquez' racial status was incorrectly  entered initially as black and has since been  corrected to white.


Why Withhold Racial Info?

Why are the local TV  stations, newspapers and Sheriff withholding  information about the  suspects race and illegal alien status?      None of the local TV  stations have mentioned that the primary murder suspect in this case Gustavo Antonio Marquez is  an illegal alien!  This is all part of the sanctuary state/city program  to minimize any attention to illegal alien status within the State of  Colorado as in other states.  They simply don't want you to know just  how many crimes are being committed by illegal aliens to support their  agenda of destroying our culture.

Why does the El  Paso County, Colorado Sheriff's Office booking list four of the five  suspect's race as white and one as black when they are clearly  Hispainic?  Is the El Paso County Sheriff also part of the attempt to  cover up the ethnicity and illegal alien status of the suspects to be in  line with the sanctuary state program?  It seems very strange to say  the least.  I asked the Sheriff's Office about this and the deputy I  spoke with said "that is the way their system is set up.  The only  possibilities they have for listing a suspect's race are black, white,  Asian or other."  No listings are allowed for Hispainic, Arabic etc.  So  how they came up with black and white and not other seems curious to  me?

The cities of Denver, Aurora and Boulder Colorado have all stated their defiance of federal threats to their self-proclaimed 'sanctuary city' status.  See other article on this.


The Victims

Derek Greer and Natalie Partida

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