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The lion sleeps tonight!

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

This  whole recent uproar over a US dentist killing a lion on a legal safari  hunt in Africa is absurd and distracting.  The US mainstream media is  all over this event like stink on you know what!  The media wants you  and me to focus on things that are unimportant while the important stuff  like illegal immigration, over-taxation, unconstitutional laws, gross  immorality, etc take a back seat to the latest media driven hype! 

PETA(People  for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PITA?) is leading the charge with  their radical group of thugs.  What's wrong with a dentist paying  $50,000 to go on a legal hunt in Africa and bag a lion?  What's the big  fuss over really?  These people have watched too many movies like The Lion King!  Animals aren't people even though many over fluoridated Americans may think so!

Most  animal loving extremists are probably pro-aborts who favor killing  innocent babies in the womb and have their conscience seared with a hot  iron and think nothing of the lives lost to abortion every day!  I lump  PETA in with the eco-terrorist tree hugging group Green Peace!  They are misguided and misdirected.

The truth is that lions have stalked and killed thousands of people in Africa and  elsewhere!  So you can't blame Africans for selling permits to hunt and  kill lions and other animals given the history of animal aggression  towards humans!

Ted Nugent defends dentist who  killed a lion and says the whole story presented to us by the  propaganda press is a lie!  I'll believe Ted Nugent before I believe the  propaganda the mainstream press spews forth daily from its poisonous  pit!


Animals Eat Dumb People!

Every year many people in the US and worldwide are attacked, mauled, eaten and killed by various animals!   Lions, tigers bears, dogs, horses, insects, elephants attack innocent  people all over the planet if people who are mostly stupid enough to  allow it to happen due to their attitude that animals are just kind,  fuzzy cuddle toys.


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