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I confirmed today (3/19/2015) with a Town of Kiowa  lady employee in the Town office via telephone that the speed limit  through the Town of Kiowa westbound is still (as always) 35 mph unless  the school zone is in effect lowering the speed limit further.  One  Kiowa town lady (a different lady)office employee incorrectly stated  that the speed limit through the Town of Kiowa had been lowered to 25  mph all the time!  If the town employees are confused about this  signage, the drivers approaching the town from the east are also likely  confused thus creating a potential for rear-end collisions at the  eastern town border!

To further confuse drivers the town of  Kiowa also added a school zone sign with the 20 mph speed limit posted  as well at the same time.  That sign is a day-glow yellow/green sign  just visible in the above photos.  The approach to Kiowa from the east  has now become a sign forest!

Good  News!  The Town of Kiowa, CO has removed one of the confusing speed  limit signs that could have caused accidents and driver irritation and  frustration this past week!  As of March 29, 2015 the "25 mph unless  otherwise posted" sign has been removed!  I applaud the Town of Kiowa  for its recognition that these signs were/are confusing and irritating  drivers and which could have easily resulted in an accident due to the  growing sign forest on the east side of the town of Kiowa.

This  seems to be a case of a small town overcompensating for its lack of  noteriety by using its police to be overly aggressive and focus on  'enforcing' the letter of the law and disregarding the spirit of the  law.


Why did the Town of Kiowa recently (February 2015) add this confusing  25 mph speed limit sign?  Is it an attempt to purposefully cause  drivers to slam on their brakes to slow immediately to 25 mph right  after the larger 35 mph sign?  Note the small print on bottom of the 25  mph sign which says "Unless Otherwise Posted".  This  means as far as I can tell that the county sign of 35 mph is deceptively  being preempted by the Town of Kiowa sign of 25 mph even though the 35  mph county speed limit sign on the west side of Kiowa on the same Hwy 86  freeway remains 35 mph!  Does this mean that west bound traffic through  Kiowa is 25 mph while east bound traffic on the same stretch of road is  10 mph faster at 35 mph?  Is this just another attempt to trap drivers  into a lucrative speed fine?  Confusing isn't it?  I will attempt to get  an answer from the town officials on this.  Is this just an attempt by  Town of Kiowa 'officials' to trick drivers into slowing to 25 mph always  while approaching the school zone whether the 20 mph school zone speed  limit is in effect or not while the actual speed limit is 35 mph as  posted?

Below is another sign added by the town of  Kiowa which is an additional sign recently added to the town border that  is also confusing drivers as to whether or not the speed limit within  the school zone is continuous or only in effect when another school zone  light is flashing!  For such a small town, Kiowa has a lot of signs on  it's eastern border!


This sign was removed for one  day which I believe was March 30, 2015 and then reinstalled on a higher  post the following day!  Just what is the Town of Kiowa, CO up to?   No similar sign is posted on the other side of the school zone heading  east bound through the town.  The town of Kiowa 'officials' on the Board  of Directors and Town Administrator seem determined to confuse drivers  with duplicitous signage regarding the school zone speed limit.

The speed limit was also reduced 10 mph heading south from Kiowa  on County Rd 45 as I understand it.

If  you ask me, the Town has gone overboard on the school zone speed  limit.  Similar school zones in other towns such as the Town of Parker,  CO have no such excessively low speed limits on major busy streets with  school entrances and sidewalks adjacent to busy roads.    The  school on  Hilltop Rd, and Tallman Rd in Parker has a very busy divided 4-lane  highway passing by its entrance with the school building being very  close to the highway and yet its speed limit is 35 mph even during  school hours when the school zone is in effect!  I don't think that the  Parker school is any less concerned about student safety due to highway  traffic than is the Town of Kiowa. 

If you ask me,  the Town of Kiowa uses the school zone speed limits to generate revenue  from speeding tickets which seems to be the primary function of the  Kiowa Police!  This is a Barney warning!


This is what the Kiowa school zone looks like on a typical day as you  drive into town from the east on Hwy 86 when the school zone is not in  effect.  The school zone looks the same in terms of students walking to  and from school in the cross walk except for very brief periods.   Interestingly, the school owns the sidewalk in front of the school next  to Hwy 86 so it is not a public sidewalk per se.

The  below video shows Kiowa police doing what they do best.  Write speeding  tickets and asking drivers if they have any weapons in their vehicles!

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